Though often tricky to navigate, the websites of Italian furniture brands can sometimes lead you to delightful goodies. We loved this collection from B&B Italia which consists of very linear, ultra modern sofas, chairs, tables, chaise lounges, and accessories just to name a few. Pieces can be customized as you can choose from different fabrics, colors, and accent features. The following is a sampling of the types of designs that the company creates.

This sectional seating system consists of linear elements and hard lines. It is composed of five square and rectangular shaped ottomans with space for a console table.

Two separate seating areas are created with these sectional sofa pieces that are used individually rather than as one unified piece. The wooden center console table connects yet separate the spaces.

Another sectional sofa is broken up to create separate seating areas in this living room. A similar colored chair with chrome legs was brought in to provide even more seating.

Using different shapes is key in this design. The square and rectangular sofa mixed with round accent tables adds diversity to the space. The fur chair covers warm it up.

This design is for someone who is not afraid of color. The furnishings can be done in various colors, but in this space the jewel toned red and purple fabrics really jazz up a monochromatic space.

The same piece previously shown in a more subdued color gives another option for someone who isn’t as adventurous with their design. This brown sectional with black trim provides contrast in this white room. The square coffee table and circular end tables have the same structural design, even if the shapes differ.

Comfort and style are accomplished in this living space with the linear sofa sectional and the abundance of accent pillows. The extra ottoman adds another option for putting your feet up after a hard day.

A cozy spot in front of the fire place is created here with a neutral chaise lounge and an armchair. The black in the table and accent pieces add a bit of contrast.

Dark gray fabrics and cherry wood finishes complete this space. It is comfortable yet stylish, and has natural touches exemplified by the retractable glass doors which open to the outside.

This room has classic charm and traditional design elements with the rustic hardwood floors and decorative moldings but is brought up to date with the addition of this modern black sofa and black accent furnishings.

The diagonal placement of this blue sofa separates two seating areas in this smaller space. The chair provides solitude while the sofa creates a great space for company.

The large modern sofa in this space blends into the neutral color palette and doesn’t take the focus away from the fiery red painting on the wall. This sofa design also keeps the space open and clean sitting on thin chrome legs.

This woven-backed sofa is truly unique and is a conversation piece for any space. Relaxation is achieved with the use of accent pillows. The room itself has an earthy atmosphere and this piece brings modernity with a natural woven element.

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