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Want to get that "effortlessly clean" look in your own kitchen? Natural materials and simple colors are a great place to start, and they have the added benefit of being easy to adapt to changing tastes. This post contains 25 kitchens with white and wood to inspire your next big redesign. It's pretty fun to see how designers use these otherwise ordinary ingredients to create such a wide variety of distinctive and appealing kitchen styles. Both light and dark palettes are represented - ranging from organic to ultra modern themes - so you just might find something you like!

Minimalism always works great in a kitchen, provided it has enough storage potential, which this one definitely does. Using a lowered ceiling in a room without windows can sometimes make a space too dark but the use of light materials with a slight sheen helps to maximize the lighting from other sources.

This gorgeous kitchen benefits from its unique position above the recessed living room, bordered by an expansive sliding glass window and flooded with abundant light. Full floor-to-ceiling cabinets clad with wood provide a nice natural balance to the wall of greenery surrounding the patio.


Fresh and creative. This kitchen contrasts dark and light materials for a powerful visual effect, echoed in the stylish dip-painted stools and powerful geometric artwork. The black and white print on the wall is the work of the hugely popular Jenny Liz Rome.

Industrial influences define this sleek space. The chairs and stools are from the Steelwood collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – named after the strikingly unusual combination of materials used in their design.

It would be hard to go wrong with such a nice view through expansive corner windows like those. Uncomplicated decor preserves the emphasis on the garden outside, and a nice blue rug enhances the connection with the sky.

Here, white and wood elements stand out against a background of gray walls and stone floors. The geometric theme surrounding the dining space is worth mentioning – the chairs are from the Alchemia collection by Calligaris and the pendant light is the iconic Lampframe design by Herr Mandel.

A tubular double range hood contrasts nicely against the straight lines of the long wooden boards and minimalistic cabinetry.

Here, light and shadow make a dramatic play across the recessed portions of the diagonally patterned cabinets. Wood elements are used sparingly, enhancing their effect on the overall aesthetic. The suspended shelves are a neat idea – a cool way to add detached storage over a kitchen island.


White and rustic wood combine to create a space that looks modern yet has a certain classic appeal.

This kitchen is defined by its glossy white surfaces, helping it stand out from the rest of the living area.

Like moodier atmospheres? Dark high-contrast wood cabinets pair well with the highly symmetrical cantilever countertop. A lovely Tom Dixon tea set really completes the look.

A stainless steel backsplash separates the dark vertical wood cabinetry and shelves from the matte white cabinetry below.

This kitchen employs wood elements very selectively. The two monolithic units to the left are especially interesting – aligned with small interior walls to separate the kitchen from the living room without impeding the natural light sources, connected by one horizontal piece of wood for visual interest.

Industrial and classical elements come together to create a sophisticated space. The walls are clad with dark wood, with lighter tones used on the cabinet faces. Stainless steel elements add bright highlights.

Dark satin-finished wood is a great way to create the appeal of classic luxury. Here, the darker elements stand out against the brighter countertops for an eye-catching composition.

This U-shaped kitchen island looks fabulous! Glossy white surfaces make up the worktops, but the dining table portion retains the traditional wood look.

White upper cabinets and wall cabinets blend easily with the interior walls, and the wood clad lower cabinets harmonize with the flooring. The end result is a kitchen with a light and unobtrusive look – brightened by energetic yellow accents used selectively.

A sweet and simple kitchen with plenty of light elements, tucked away beneath a lowered ceiling.

It’s refreshing to see the super knotty and interesting lumber used here, especially considering the uniform wood grain trend so popular in minimalistic kitchens these days. The little herb garden on the shelves is a wonderful natural touch.

Stone floor slabs are the perfect neutral canvas for this white and wood kitchen, echoing the metallic material of the suspended range hood above.

A sleek wood shell wraps cuts a low profile around white cabinetry, standing out from the monochromatic color themes in the background.

Wood elements are balanced well to lend a sense of visual weight and depth to the otherwise small apartment. The recessed kitchen counter is especially neat and cozy-looking, outfitted with vertical wood grain from top to bottom.

Here’s another kitchen that utilizes knotty wood for the cabinetry rather than pristine varieties. The charisma is evident even from a distance.

The cyan, magenta, yellow, and blue colors chosen for the chalkboard wall enhances the modernistic theme. The steel hardware showing through on the corkscrew stools are admirable too, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to update existing furniture to get the look.

Industrial tile in the kitchen, delicate perforated wood panels in the dining room – the contrast is fascinating and beautiful.

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