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Clothing storage is usually a humble affair consisting of a chest of drawers, a simple closet, and maybe a coatrack or two. But it's nice to dream about having a spectacular walk-in wardrobe with room to access everything all in one place – no more searching every closet in the house for that seasonal clothing and those extra shoes. This post looks at 20 inspiring bedrooms that combine stylish interiors with smart storage and organization solutions. If you didn't already have walk-in closet envy before seeing this post, you just might find yourself looking for ways to reclaim enough floor space after checking out these brilliant wardrobes.

Glass doors enclose this spacious wardrobe, open and bright thanks to the lighting incorporated beneath each shelf. There’s space for shoes, undershirts, and includes plenty of small drawers and boxes for garments the owner doesn’t want to put on display. If you have a fantastic fashion sense or an impressive shoe collection, why not show it off?

Frosted windows give the occupant a little more privacy when it comes to storage, and helps maintain a more minimalistic look to match the bedroom’s style. Only the silhouettes of outfits are visible through the cloudy panels.


In a smaller room, it’s hard to justify giving up square footage for a massive wardrobe. This is where transparent doors really shine, preserving the line of sight rather than blocking the area away. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a plain and simple bedroom without having every outfit within view – this wardrobe includes curtains for just that reason.

Here, sliding doors allow the wardrobe to occupy the wall behind the headboard, leaving plenty of open space for emphasis on the incredible view outside. Inside of the closet, smart storage options offer endless organization ideas.

Here’s an attached wardrobe space that hides when the door is closed. Seams in the glossy wall panels allow the entrance to blend to a state of near invisibility, a useful quality considering its proximity to the television. The boxes in the first photo are worth a mention too: labels like “large things” and “medium things” is a cute touch.

Slatted doors match the unique wall feature along the leftmost wall of this stylish modern bedroom. Slats offer balance between clean aesthetics and decorative appeal, and they’re a great way to integrate wood within a natural interior without the heavy look of a solid panel door.

This dark wood wardrobe looks sophisticated with its classic style. The wood grain on the drawers run horizontally while the backing panels run horizontally, a subtle decorative distinction that enhances the sense of luxury.

Why bother with walls when your organization game is so on point? Suitcases, minimalistic boxes, and the occasional drawer helps keep items organized on these boutique-worthy shelves. Recessed lighting illuminates the uppermost shelves and draw attention to the transition from a black background to a white one.


A unique shelving layout leaves room for storage containers of every size. Antique chests are more than just practical: they’re a clever way to beautify an otherwise utilitarian space. This wardrobe looks nothing like an ordinary closet. Smoky glass panels clarify the room without obscuring the details within.

Here’s another wardrobe with smoky doors, this time in a lighter white color. When the sliding doors open, the variation in opacity embraces the range of grays used throughout the rest of the bedroom.

This freestanding wardrobe doubles as a boundary between the sleeping area and the integrated bathroom for a creative layout that maintains an acceptable level of privacy without sacrificing openness. A second freestanding volume acts as a gorgeous monolithic headboard to the bed.

Dramatic floor-to-ceiling slats upgrade the typical wardrobe door for a striking and modernistic effect. The space between the slats isn’t open but uses its slight opacity to prevent the wardrobe interior from adding visual clutter.

Sliding doors are a great choice for wardrobes in rooms that don’t have a lot of extra floor space. This bedroom isn’t tiny but a traditional swinging door would have restricted the walking path to the side.

With wardrobes that include a walking path, the transparency of the doors grows even more important. Nobody wants to feel cramped up inside of a dark closet while looking for clothing, no matter how luxurious the closet might be.

Do you notice any similarities between this wardrobe and the previous one? Both were designed by the talented creatives at Zalf. The builds and interior arrangements are the same, but the difference between transparent glass and tinted glass makes all of the difference.

Here’s another innovative Zalf wardrobe, this time with a fun twist. The shelves twist and turn in continuous lines for a look that falls somewhere between minimalism and art.

For those who prefer a classic style, a wardrobe like this one can provide. The drawers look like part of an ordinary dresser, and the symmetrical clothing racks look nice without stealing all of the attention.

A folding door is a compact solution where there’s width to fit one. This bedroom likely incorporates extra shelving or cabinetry on the hidden side of the wall. This wardrobe isn’t open to the rest of the room like many of the others in this post, instead carving out its own private niche. These types of wardrobes also make excellent dressing rooms.

Within this open floor plan, the large wardrobe serves as a kind of standalone dividing wall. It separates the bedroom from the dining and living room on the other side without the need to enclose the space completely.

Partial walls and smoky panes of white glass separate these beds from the open wardrobes behind them – a solution that provides far more visual interest than simply moving the bed to the other side of the room and living with a completely exposed wardrobe space.

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